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It's all about the detail...

A home without antiques and accessories is like a person without a soul - bye bye minimalism and hello happiness! One of the biggest challenges as an interior designer, is getting clients to remember to leave a budget for the decorative pieces and the paintings. It is one of our biggest bug bears to see beautiful paint colours and soft furnishing with bare walls and shelves.

If you aren't avid collectors like us, then build it up gradually. Try not to just buy new things! Some new can look great, but mix it with antique finds too and it won't look like a show home. Avoid being too themed or colour coordinated. That has a place in some areas, but over a whole house can end up looking contrived.

And before you baulk about the cost, the things you collect don't have to be expensive. Some of our most treasured finds have been in junk shops for under a tenner. Collect shells and beach glass on holiday, buy something that reminds you of your time there and it will help you limp through the long winter months.

If you are stuck as to where to start then try visiting your local antique's fair. Look up IACF for your nearest one ( and get spending, but remember to be decisive because the things you see there are one off pieces and you won't find again. If you love something, you will make space for it. So go on - get rummaging in those little gems of a junk shop and get artistic in the antique fairs and auctions. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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