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If you follow us on Instagram you know that we have a bit of a thing about rooms being unfinished without artwork around the house.  So many people are scared of choosing art and of getting it wrong but you can't really go wrong - just choose something you love and it will give you years of joy.  

There is also a misconception that art has to be expensive - it doesn't!  You could create a whole wall of junk shop finds all for under £30, or you could display random pictures in a collection together, to make a really effective gallery wall.

We can help source artwork for you through our relationship with artists that we know.  We also try and have an art sale once a year and feature a specific artist.  This year we worked with local artist who specialises in large landscapes.  She is fascinated by history and texture, which is clear in all of her paintings.  Below are some of the paintings we had for sale this year.

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