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We offer our clients a full interior design service from initial briefing, to presenting our ideas and then to full implementation.  As part of this process we work very closely with our clients, in a collaborative way, and are able to help them with furniture layouts, paint colours, curtains, soft furnishing and sourcing all furniture and accessories.  We follow up every meeting with meeting notes and action points and are quick to implement them.  We can liaise with builders, project managers, architects and other suppliers to help take the pressure off you.

We have built up very good relationships with key suppliers over the years and so are able to source interesting items that would not be readily available on the high street, to give you a unique look.  We have very loyal clients who return to us time and time again and always comment on our ability to take away the stress of decisions, liaise with suppliers and third parties and manage any problems with items ordered.  In fact, one client recently described us as their "marriage counsellor" by acting as the intermediary between her and her husband, who had rather different views!

There is a popular misconception that employing an interior designer is an expensive luxury that is reserved for the rich and famous, however if you to speak to most of our clients they often comment that we save them money in the long run, as we are able to avoid them making very costly mistakes and having to resource again.

We would love to meet you to discuss your project and see if you think we could help.

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